Cybersecurity Funds Available Now for Public Power Utilities

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve cybersecurity defenses at your utility – at no cost! Cybersecurity is an ongoing threat to public power utilities and communities. In recognition of this critical issue, the American Public Power Association secured a Department of Energy (DOE) grant with a focus on helping its members improve their cyber defenses by adding cyber threat monitoring onto their network. This data will be shared in an anonymized format with the Association who intends to analyze threats being launched against public power utilities in aggregate. This further allows the Association to share insights and proactively alert all of its members.

The Association has selected to work with N-Dimension Solutions, cybersecurity partner of Hometown Connections to provide public power utilities with cyber threat monitoring as part of this grant program. N-Dimension has been protecting power utilities with its N-Sentinel Cybersecurity Monitoring solution for more than six years helping them reduce cyber threat risk.

Check out the simple steps you need to take to take sign-up for this free offer and increase your threat defenses today.

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