New Offering Based on Field Proven N-Sentinel Security Suite

Richmond Hill, ON (July 25, 2019) -- N-Dimension Solutions, a market leading Managed Detection and Remediation Services (MDR) provider with innovative solutions protecting IIoT, IoT, IT and OT networks from cyber threats has launched a new version of its market leading N-Sentinel Suite, N-Sentinel Cyber Threat Detector, that meets specific criteria for manufacturing plants to help them reduce risk from cyber threats. Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) and its members provided input to N-Dimension to guide definition of this new service, ensuring it met addressed their manufacturing needs.

EMC is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to helping increase the success of the member industrial manufacturing businesses at home and around the world. Encompassing all manufacturing sectors, EMC has grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium with more than 13,000 active members coast-to-coast. As part of its service, EMC identified cyber threats as one of the most critical issues facing Canadian manufacturers in the next five years. At the same time, it was reported that 67% of the manufacturers do not have a cyber threat program in place. Considering in 2017, the cost of each cyberbreach in Canada was estimated as $6.11M, the potential financial risk is very high.

N-Sentinel Cyber Threat Detector alerts plant operators and IT personnel of possible cyber threat issues detected, enabling them to take timely action. It combines advanced analytics with iterative machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented protection for manufacturing plants, processes, data and customers.

“Many Canadian manufacturers have a sense of complacency when it comes to cybersecurity,” said Scott McNeil-Smith, National Director, Projects and Partnerships for EMC. “With the rapid movement towards more digital systems, automation and advanced manufacturing processes, the need for greater cyber vigilance is growing. Unfortunately, many of our manufacturers do not realize their exposure – externally and inside their firewall. N-Dimension worked with us to create a solution to help address this based on input from our membership. The N-Sentinel Cyber Threat Detector provides an essential threat monitoring service that enables plant operations and management to reduce risk and sleep better at night knowing their networks are being monitored 24/7/365.”

“Working with EMC we have combined our deep experience in cyber threats with their insights into the risks specific to manufacturing, to create this exciting new offer,” said Scott Mossbrooks, Vice President of Sales for N-Dimension. “We look forward to continuing to work with EMC members and assisting them in reducing their cyber threat risk surface.”

With the new service offering, N-Dimension is leveraging its market success in the energy sector over the past six years. The company has a proven track record in quickly identifying and alerting about cyber threats that could have resulted in significant physical and economic costs had they gone undetected. N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel Suite of cloud-based managed security services, deliver continuous cyber threat monitoring, on-demand vulnerability scanning, powerful analytics and comprehensive remediation guidance. With timely awareness and insights about cybersecurity issues, customers can shut down threats quickly, protecting their networks, data and assets.

N-Dimension is working with numerous market sectors to develop other industry-focused IoT, IIoT, IT and OT cybersecurity modules within the N-Sentinel Suite. While some of cyber threat issues are common across industries, N-Dimension tailors each cybersecurity module to the specific industry ensuring that the nuances of that industry are captured and will continue to be closely monitored going forward, keeping customers safe.

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