Research Shows Cybersecurity Monitoring is Needed Behind Network Firewalls

A recent white paper released by a leading firewall company discussed Three (3) Dirty Little Secrets that were discovered about Network Firewalls. It shows the existing weaknesses in firewalls, how companies have become used to network and system infections, and to pushes the need for the newest higher-end firewalls which offer more than the firewalls of yesterday.

The white paper fails to mention that no matter how new the firewall, you need visibility of it and the network behind it.

Below we have paraphrase what they said about the Three (3) Dirty Little Secrets that were discovered and have added our comments:

  1. Firewalls are falling to deliver the protection organizations need. Organizations are suffering on average 16 infected computers per month.... A lot of the infections are coming around the firewall and being introduced directly onto the computers. In the research, 4 out of 5 IT managers wanted better firewall protection and better protection for their networks. Cybersecurity Monitoring like the N-Sentinel addresses this concern, where users download malware directly (e.g. over http as the white paper examples), circumventing the firewall’s protection.

  2. IT Managers cannot tell you how 45% of their network bandwidth is being consumed. It is true that you cannot control what you cannot see...84% of the IT managers want strong security, 52% want to keep their company’s productivity high. There will always be a tension between security and organizational productivity. The N-Sentinel is incredibly easy to deploy, in most cases in under a half-hour. Because of its architecture,there is absolutely no impact on network speed or end user experience, and therefore will have no impact on productivity.Finally, it can be configured to give complete visibility, without trading off any other features like network speed or end user experience.

  3. Ineffective firewalls are costing you time and money. Time is wasted finding issues and remediating them without better protection.... 3.3 hours per infected computer and the 1 week every month of lost time. By using our N-Sentinel cybersecurity monitoring, we will save you a tremendous amount of time finding issues AND we provide remediation steps to fix the issues. We’ll also find threats faster than the industry average 164 days to discovery, and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There is a lot of good information in the white paper and if you would like a copy of it, or if you want to see how the N-Sentinel can improve your cyber defense with a free 60-day trial, please send us a note to and we will be glad to assist you.

Cybersecurity Monitoring adds to your cyber defense-in-depth while helping to watch ov er your firewalls and networks.

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